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Springtime and Blind

by Fiddlehead

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Fiddlehead’s debut LP Springtime and Blind is an exploration of grief both introspective and through the insight of others. Following the release of their Out of the Bloom EP on Lockin Out Records, the Boston-based band have created a debut LP that shares an anguishing, relatable story of love and loss through the catharsis of spirited, loud indie rock. Consisting of guitarist Alex Henery (also of Basement), vocalist Patrick Flynn and drummer Shawn Costa (both of Have Heart), Fiddlehead explore musical styles different from their other projects while bringing a familiar energetic and emotional core to the collaboration.

Springtime and Blind stemmed from Pat’s loss of his father. Flynn looks at how his mother coped with the situation- losing her spouse, her center of gravity -writing the lyrics as an emotional catharsis for both of them. Like the pain both he and his mother experienced, “a wild grief so well hidden,” the songs on this album hide the pain of loss beneath a layer of punchy, energetic instrumentals.

“USMA,” one of the singles released off of the record, exemplifies this with its upbeat drumming and melodic guitar riff. As the title explains, the song is about the United States Military Academy where Flynn’s father was buried. It is a refreshingly energetic song from the album, that explores love not only for a person, but for a beautiful place and how that place grows up with you.

The first single to be released from Springtime and Blind, “Lay Low,” opens with a slow guitar riff that seemingly explodes with the first beat of the drum. “Lay Low” pushes Flynn’s vocals to their breaking point as he cries out. Flynn has self-described the song as the concept that “life continues on,” even when it seems to be too difficult to handle. It’s an overwhelming sense of change that brings with it the feeling of dread, a feeling that as the song says is “too much for me.”

At the center of the album is “Poem You,” a boldly personal song. Embedded between the vulnerable “I’ll see you again” of the chorus is a rather-loaded sound clip of Flynn’s father speaking on voicemail; “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can” the electronic voice seems to reply. The final track of the album, “Widow in the Sunlight” finishes the album on a lighter note. The line “sunlight, moonlight, this life, next life” evolves into a mantra throughout the song - a cyclical look at things constantly fluctuating but perhaps eventually improving. There’s a taste of hope for what the next life brings, a feeling of reunion.

While the process of writing and recording helped Flynn cope with his personal loss there’s no doubt it carries a universal message that can help ease others’ loneliness. A contrast to itself, Springtime and Blind is a multidimensional and relatable journey through its cathartic message and spirited instrumentals.


released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Fiddlehead Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, USA.

Fiddlehead is

Shawn Costa
Alex Dow
Pat Flynn
Casey Nealon
Alex Henery

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Track Name: Spousal Loss
You lie awake to pass the time
Lose all your love? Want some of mine?

Let down again by the hands of God?
Got none to hold? I’ll give you mine,
And my soul.

It’s hard to break this gloom when hearts break in two
And hid away, to keep safe from the light of day.

Can’t feel the pass of time,
Or any warmth above,
Or the sun’s light,
Then here’s a son’s love:

All your loss of love just leave it on me.
Track Name: Poem You
Talk to your ghost.
Sleep with your clothes.
I’ll take whatever’s left
In the waste of you death.

But in case you come I left the light on
Bright enough to see from stars
Find me in the bedroom corner
Writing verses of shattered hearts

To ease missing you, 
And the stinging too,
Of seeing blue poem you

Come home, lights on,
Cause I’m missing you,
And it’s stinging too
To see a blue poem you

Come home, the lights on
Track Name: USMA
Stand in wind,
Above a grave with your name

I stay. I shake. I age, and I wait
For the hands I used to call my home.

Lean on trees just like a shoulder
See you in young West Point soldiers.
Yeah I’ll wait right here as I get older
Cause the weight’s right here all on my shoulders…

The weight of love: Forever gone, like the chest
I leaned on and on and on and on and on…

But I’ll wait on your shoulders

Wait right here as I get older cause the weights right here
All on my shoulders
Track Name: Tidal Waves
Death strikes at night when I’m low: my soul, hollow.
Light of: long gone and unknown, undone, unwhole

Memories of your face like tidal waves
Of your non stop pounding love
Now in a race to the grave 
To embrace the one I truly loved.

Don’t think I can know you. My blue, cold gloom
Has me forever consumed with doom in my room

Memories of your face like tidal waves
Of your non stop pounding love
Now in a race to the grave 
To embrace the one I truly loved.

It’s to relate when you’re on your own
It’s to awake when you do it alone
Its hard to believe, when the day is long
And the one you love is forever gone
It’s had to relate 
It’s hard to believe 
It’s hard to re-love

I’ll come out if you’ll come home.
Come out, come out.
Track Name: Head Hands
How long will I feel this way?
How long will I think this way?
How long will I sleep this way?

Turn in moonlight. Burn in sunlight.
How long will I kneel? How long?

Until I hear you:
Fire October
Ire November
Ice December 
Pain on Monday through Sunday and over and over
With my head in my hands
Track Name: Rejoice
Rejoice - But how long?
Rejoice - But how come?
Track Name: Lay Low
In a wasteland of adolescence 
I can feel the grievance 
Of a youth spent on the wrong kid
Who never knew the meaning
To live a life in the now, or
Hold on to friends, somehow 

Now shivering. Now singing
About the chill of youth leaving

Lay low: when they seem cold
Lay low: when you see them go
Lay Low: to their fields of gold

Watch your kids grow - see them leave home
In a breeze without ease, feel your throat choke
Watch your friends go - see your hair grow
Black to grey in a day and see yourself old
Its too much for me 
I gotta lay low
Track Name: My World
All you colored shirts hang just as you had left
And you office door’s closed, just as you had said.
All your Dylan tapes stay unplayed and go untouched
And your poetry books are closed and collecting dust.

“Throw it away”, so they tell me, “to help with the hurt”.
Not for my world.
Their grass dries, and moons rise, and clocks tick, and sun’s lit,
On this earth, not my world.
Track Name: 04/17/70
Jane Barry Flynn, on March 17th, 2017 - retelling the
Story of Richard Joseph Flynn’s return to the United States
From active duty in the Vietnam War on April 17th of 1970.
Track Name: Widow in the Sunlight
Wake up with pillows
Try work. Drive home.

May everything you lose come to find you
In sunlight, moonlight, this life, next life.
In the dark night, when the long life, 
Comes to grip tight, may it all fid you -
A love that was blind and love without time -
May it all find you
In sunlight, moonlight, this life, next life.

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